Sue’s Morning Stretch: What’s on the morning airwaves

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Here’s what I noticed on today’s morning talk shows: 

  • Drinking orange juice isn’t part of your morning routine anymore? You are not alone. “Today” says OJ sales are at a 15-year low. Price probably a factor. In 2003, average price for gallon of orange juice was $4.40. In 2013 it’s $6.20. Bad health news if you replaced it with energy drinks or soda, folks. During this report, the anchors had to engage in what I call phony eating. For some reason, morning TV wants us to think all their anchors eat with abandon; that’s what regular Joes they all are. Impossible. Anyway, on “Today,”  they segued into Tamron Hall showing how she wouldn’t share her giant jar of candy. Size 0s (which is overwhelming majority of morning TV anchors) don’t devour huge bowls of candy, folks.
  • Here’s another example of that phony eating I am talking about. While superstar chef Mario Batali was touting a tailgate special he and NY Jets are doing to raise funds for the truly hungry, the “Good Morning America” crew is eating in background like someone had them tied up. Digging into the food as if they cannot wait. Again, Size Os don’t eat like that. They cannot. (Why everyone on TV has to be the size of a 12-year-old is a topic for another day.)
  • Back to “Good Morning America,” where they gave a mini fashion show of the new Vera Wang wedding gowns that are pink. Wang, who showed the line during Fashion Week, says she went with pink because the color is good for all complexions. Think about it: how many times has the bride, who was going for looking like porcelain, actually came off a bad shade of pasty?
  • We’re all used to hearing the need for 30 minutes of exercise a day. But Dr. David Agus was on “CBS This Morning” talking about the growing evidence that sitting for hours on end is no good for us. It’s as bad as smoking. And what do most of us do at work? Sit for hours on end. Doing daily exercise doesn’t seem to counteract the impact of sitting all day. Agus suggests getting up from the desk every hour and walking around for 4 minutes. That’s what I’m going to do right now.
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