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We Tried It: 10 Minute Solution High Intensity Interval Training

Time at a premium? Each of the five workouts on “10 Minute Solution High Intensity Interval Training” are made for you then. Do one or two at a time or all five at once (show-off).

Oh, you think, how hard can 10 minutes be? Ha! Does the word tabata mean anything to you or your muscles? They don’t call this type of workout a HIIT for nothing.

Each workout — lead by trainer Lisa Kinder — has a quick warmup before you get into each exercise, which you do for 20 seconds before resting for 10. There are familiar moves — planks, burpees lunges — but with evil twists: a rotating plank, single leg burpee, lunge with a hop. Each cooldown is tailored to the workout you’ve just sweated through.

These short but fierce sessions really leave you panting. Trust me, you will know you’ve worked out.

10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training

Suggested retail: $14.98

Time: 54 minutes; five 10-minute workouts

Words to live by: Gimme that little bit you’ve got left inside.