The Evening Rush for Thursday, October 17, 2013

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This shutdown has been so frustrating, here’s a photo of the National Zoo’s baby panda because I said so. Photo by Courtney Janney/Smithsonian’s National Zoo via Getty Images

Shutdown shut down

Finally, the long national nightmare is over … for now. Better than any NFL special teamer — except maybe Ray Guy — Congress has managed to punt the budget and debt ceiling problem a few months. If you thought putting up with this issue in the fall drove you crazy, wait til the non-stop news coverage convenes in the long, cold, dark soul of January and February. Anyway, the federal government is open for business and workers are back at their offices. Well, not the House stenographer in a strange cap to the long two weeks. But, that aside, calm has settled once again on the nation’s capital, paving the way for the return of partisan bickering just after Christmas because that’s never happened before. Who cares? Panda cam is BACK! [Sun-Times]

Drone on

New reports from the Edward Snowden documents to the Washington Post give a look behind the curtain at the U.S.’s targeted killing program, aka droning. [WaPo]

Koschman update

Absolutely not-at-all shocking news that R.J. Vanecko’s attorney doesn’t want the grand jury report in the Koschman case unsealed. [Sun-Times]

Kenya attack

New surveillance footage shows the Kenyan shopping mall attackers as the siege got underway. [BBC]

Runway run

A new O’Hare runway is open, prompting worries about noise and an opening celebration that included lots of shrimp inside an ice sculpture. [Sun-Times, WBEZ]

Stay off the trail

If you’ve been doing some illicit jogging along the Bloomingdale Trail, starting Friday you could face arrest. [DNA Info]

Facepalm of the day

If your son is facing a murder rap, a good idea is actually to not hire people to kill two witnesses and just invest the money in an attorney instead. [Sun-Times]

Maybe a bad idea

Buying stock in a star athlete? What could go wrong? [N.Y. Times]

D-Rose 1

He’s back. [Sun-Times]

Not-so-GLAAD tidings

Shocking, I know, but some Cubs and Sox fans on the Internet made some offensive comments regarding the teams’ participation in “Spirit Day,” calling for an end to the bullying of LGBT teens. [Sun-Times]

The Bright One

Mick Dumke dives into Cook County’s “medieval” court system. [The Reader]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

An excerpt from an extremely rare interview with Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson. [Mental Floss]

The Latest
UConn doled out another drama-free drubbing Saturday, getting 21 points and 10 rebounds from Adama Sanogo to dispatch Miami 72-59 and move one win from the school’s fifth national title.
Toews earned an assist in 14 minutes of ice time in the Hawks’ 6-3 defeat, but the fact he played at all was the notable part Saturday.
After allowing five goals in their last two games, the Fire earned their first shutout of 2023.
Data from the Illinois Board of Higher Education show Chicago State faculty to be amongst the lowest-paid public university professors in the state.