Rick Schroeder pulls kid from school — cites cancer scare

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One doesn’t normally think of a school being a place where children — or teachers — could contract life-threatening diseases, but actor Rick Schroeder and fellow parents at the Malibu Middle School in Los Angeles are turning the spotlight on the sharp increase in serious illness affecting faculty members and students at the school.

In fact, Schroeder and a number of other less-high-profile parents are actually pulling their children out of the school.

Schroeder told TMZ he is worried about the big increase in cancers and other ailments that have been diagnosed as afflicting teachers and students.

Reportedly, three teachers have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the past six months. Seven other teachers complain of severe and almost constant migraine headaches. An unknown number of teachers and kids have reported outbreaks of severe rashes, hair loss and gastric ailments.

There is evidence the soil around the school may be contaminated with PCBs, lead and pesticides. Several teachers have reported the evidence of mold in their classrooms.

The school administration has already conducted tests — claiming there is “no unusual findings” of mold contamination, but are conducting further tests of the soil adjacent to the school to check for PCPs an other possible carcinogens.

According to Schroeder, a quarter of the students in his daughter’s class are also being pulled out by their parents — and will be home-schooled until the Malibu problems are resolved.

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