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8 October 2

1 No end in sight

Roughly 800,000 federal employees remain out of work as the partial government shutdown continues. [Sun-Times]

2 Health markets: Day one

The website churned slowly, but Illinois’ online health insurance marketplace mustered more than 70,000 visitors Tuesday, the first day of enrollment. [Sun-Times]

3 Because it’s the cup …

Click on the city of Boston’s website in the next 24 hours to see a video promoting Chicago and its enthusiastic Blackhawks fans. The video was part of a Stanley Cup bet between mayors, which of course Boston lost in 17 seconds on June 24. [Sun-Times]

4 … and we’re on our way

After raising the championship banner to the rafters, the Hawks got down to business, defeating the Washington Capitals 6-4 in the season opener. [Sun-Times]

5 Man on a mission

The mayor wants to make Chicago the top destination for tech startups. Meet John Tolva, the former IBM executive whom Rahm has tapped to make that very unlikely dream come true. [Grid]

6 Cameras come down

Chicago says it’s taking down red-light cameras at 18 intersections because the cameras have reduced crashes there. There may be no evidence to support the city’s claim, but drivers probably aren’t going to ask questions. [Sun-Times]

7 Harpo to go?

Oprah’s production company has hired a real estate firm to explore options, including a sale, of Harpo Studios in the West Loop. [Crain’s]

8 Runaway train

Officials investigating Monday’s crash involving an empty Blue Line train seem to be ruling out criminal activity after video showed “no human was on there,” says the mayor of Forest Park. So far, they’re leaning toward mechanical error. [Sun-Times]