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Sue's Morning Stretch: What's happening on TV talk shows

Here’s what caught my eye today:

  • There’s a new method for growing hair that’s showing a lot of promise. One of the researchers, Dr. Angela M. Christiano, was on “CBS This Morning” talking about it, hoping for trials in the next few years. Let’s a person multiply own hair cells. Baldness facts: it impacts 50 million men, 30 million women; by age 35 66 percent of men are experiencing hair loss. This is very shallow of me, but Christiano has this really full head of softly wavy dark hair; sort of an unspoken plug (bad pun) for the procedure?
  • A new group of people might be needing that new hair growing process: blowout addicts. We want our hair to look as good as Jennifer Aniston’s, who is said to be fond of the blowout. With so many blow-dry only salons around now, some women are taking it too far, says “Good Morning America,” spending maybe $250 a week. (We can’t get something new without someone among us abusing it, now can we?) Ah, but your hair looks so good…
  • Yeah, it would be nice if we could always tell the truth to our kids. But sometimes, a little fib gets the job done; really not a lit, but what a lot of parents see more as stretching the truth. Al Roker told his mom’s hilarious lie that left him sleepless. Makes you remember the things your parents told you, doesn’t it?
  • You’ve been warned: told “WGN Morning News” that “Breaking Bad” and “What Does the Fox Say?” were influencing our Halloween costumes this season. Come up with something more original, folks.