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Paltrow perturbed by magazine's upcoming story

Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow kisses her husband, Coldplay rock star Chris Martin

Seems Gwyneth Paltrow is none too happy with Vanity Fair’s apparent new policy of doing more investigative pieces — as opposed to fluff stories — about celebrities. That’s obviously why the Oscar winner supposedly has told pals not to cooperate with the magazine as they work on an upcoming story about the actress.

Among the rumors reportedly being investigated by VF are those tales she and husband and rock star Chris Martin have an “open marriage.” That’s a charge several very good BZ Paltrow sources insist is bogus. “They have huge careers that take them all over the world to work. But their commitment to each other is deep and strong,” said a longtime Paltrow pal, who has worked with her for years on quite a few of her films.

It will be intriguing to see what — if anything — surfaces.