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Rahm rips Park Grill, early snow and the rest of the morning's news

1 Rahm comes out swinging

Mayor Emanuel said Chicago taxpayers were “taken advantage of” in the 30-year contract to run Park Grill, the Millennium Park restaurant that’s at the center of litigation between the city and the eatery’s owners. [Sun-Times]

2 Snow day?

It’s freezing outside, and it might snow later. If it does, we can look forward to a “light slushy accumulation.” Oy. [Tribune]

3 Speaking of snow: It’s piling up on Obama

What do the Obamacare tech meltdown and the Ventra debacle have in common? They’re both examples of a new phenomenon: The way government handles tech is becoming as important to politicians’ survival as snow removal. So says Daily News columnist James Warren. [NY Daily News]

4 Jobs report: Meh

The U.S. economy added 148,000 jobs in September, while unemployment dropped to 7.2 percent from 7.3 percent, according to Labor Department data. It’s a mediocre showing for late summer, which is probably the last period of this year that won’t be affected by the shutdown. [NY Times]

5 Claypool: ‘Forget’ transit proposal

CTA President Forrest Claypool called a plan to create a single board to oversee Metra, Pace and CTA “crazy.” He told the Sun-Times editorial board there’s no need for a single body and it would reduce accountability. [Sun-Times]

6 Disarmed at work

Does carrying a Swiss army knife in the office make one a threat? Grid’s Amos Ornstein says no, and has some encouraging words for anybody feeling like a sellout. [Grid]

7 Sad state of Sears

As we all watch Sears circle the drain, an analyst back East makes it crystal clear what the problem is at the retail stalwart. He took his camera inside a handful of stores to capture the disrepair and disarray that he believes are killing the company’s sales. It’s not pretty. [Business Insider]

8 Terror in the sky

U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan kill a lot more civilians than the CIA and other government agencies say they do, according to a scathing report by Amnesty International. Those killings could be considered war crimes, the group says. [NY Times]