Sue’s Morning Stretch: What’s happening on TV talk shows

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Here’s what caught my attention this morning:

  • The FDA is looking into jerky for dogs after close to 600 pets have died in recent years after eating the treats, according to “Today.” And boy, sounds like those poor pooches suffered a painful end. If I had a dog, I would steer clear of these treats. But this is what made my ears perk up. The jerky treats in question are made in China. You know, the country now being allowed to process U.S. chicken. The chicken that ends up on our dinner plates. 
  • We, the American eaters, really should make our government pay better attention to our food sources. Over on “Good Morning America” the talk was on the warning that turmeric imported from Bangladesh has been found to have lead and is being recalled. According to report, a good amount of our spices are imported with little oversight. It’s not a surprise when there is a food poisoning outbreak in the United States; it’s a wonder we aren’t seeing more.
  • Which women have stopped coloring their hair & are letting the gray run free? Women who “do not want to be defined by hair color,” author Diana Jewel tells “You & Me This Morning.” She’s in Chicago with a weekend confab of demos, fashion shows, makeup, etc. It ends with the Silver Sisters (cool name!) marching down the street from The (silver) Bean. Chicago’s own Candace Jordan at the center of the fun. Jewel admits women keep that gray bottled up due to “societal pressures.” I agree with the You & Me” hosts: Not there yet.
  • Rachael Ray talking make-ahead meals on “GMA.” (And of course this meant the Size O anchors had to go through the silly exercise of acting like they couldn’t control themselves aroung food. Not likely, folks. But I digress.) Ray was showing five meals you can make ahead and warm later. They’re from her latest book that’s just been released; it’s her 21st! (I’m a big proponent of cooking a lot on weekend/day off so you eat well on workdays.)
  • We’ll close with words to live by from “WGN This Morning’s” Robin Baumgarten: “If It ain’t tight it ain’t right.” (She was talking cheerleading.)
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