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'Entourage' the movie: what's the hold-up?

Jeremy Piven, via

Jeremy Piven is part of the problem. That’s what the Hollywood Reporter is saying, anyway. Quoting only “insiders” and unnamed “sources,” the showbiz industry publication claims that the Evanston-born-and-bred actor’s demands for “backend compensation” from a planned “Entourage” flick (based on the hit HBO series, on which Piven played hyper Hollywood agent Ari Gold) “has some cast members throwing an Ari Gold-style tantrum.”

Which is to say if Piven is in fact contributing to a delay, he’s not alone. Here’s what one of the film’s producers, Mark Wahlberg, had to say when TMZ asked about the hold-up.

And here’s what Adrian Grenier, who plays pretty boy movie star Vince Chase, posted on Instagram.

And, for a somewhat sunnier take, here’s how “Entourage” writer/producer Doug Ellin chimed in on the matter via Twitter:

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Update: October 29, 2013