HE’S BACK: The Interactive Front Page

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Today’s paper features a special wrap cover (and EIGHT-PAGE preview section) celebrating the return of Derrick Rose to the Chicago Bulls after tearing his ACL last spring. It remembers many of the headlines that brought Bulls fans to this point, from the “saddest win” on the night of Rose’s injury to growing criticism to his insistence all is not for naught: it will make him a better player.

We’ve created an interactive front page to deepen that experience (below), allowing you to click on each headline and view those articles, columns and videos. Simply click on the bullseye that appears over each headline to be taken to that story on our website.

Enjoy, and go Bulls!

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We should be taking steps to reduce oil drilling, with a carbon-fee-and-dividend plan and eliminating subsidies to the oil, natural gas and coal industries.
To start, the city’s next police superintendent must be committed to reform. A half-hearted effort will never build trust between cops and the community, and that’s bad news when it comes to curbing crime.
As a former college instructor, I just don’t buy it. If they are to be paid employees, drop the pretense of them being students. And then there is no reason for them to be provided with room and board.