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Here's a "Get hyped about the Bulls" video playlist

No one really expects to get work done today with THE RETURN ominously hanging over all of us. Here are some choice Youtube cuts to get you hyped for tonight. If we missed one, let us know?

May as well start off with the official Bulls hype video.

The last Nolan Batman movie has been out for a while, but The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer mashes up with Bulls clips spookily well.

Not to be outdone, the trailer from Star Trek Into Darkness works just as well.

The spoken word.

This classic from the RealGM forums is as good now as it’s ever been.

Dunking on the Heat all day, every day.

Lots of poppin’ jumpshots and threes, and more than one wild drive, in this highlight reel of D Rose’s preseason performance against the Pacers.

Derrick Rose reading letters from kids? Yup, obviously.

Yes, it’s a commercial, but Adidas perfectly summed up the attitude in Chicago here.

“Basketball is everything.”