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1 Cubs get a break

The Cubs won’t pay Chicago taxpayers for the sidewalks and streets the team will use when it expands Wrigley Field. The team is kicking in $4.75 million for Wrigleyville improvements as part of its $500 million renovation plan, but City Hall had indicated there would be additional compensation for the right to use public ways. [Sun-Times]

2 Day Three

Another day, no deal. The president met with Republican leaders from the House last night but they didn’t get any closer to a deal. The shutdown continues. [Politico]

3 Trouble ahead

While many of us are walking around oblivious to the shutdown, its effects are being felt in programs to feed poor children and in the federal courts, which only have funds to keep running a few more weeks. [Tribune]

4 Going long on Pilsen

The duo behind Longman & Eagle is taking their hipster drinks-and-dinner thing to Pilsen, and betting big on that neighborhood’s resurgence. [Grid]

5 ADM HQ drama builds

State tax breaks intended to keep Archer Daniels Midland in Illinois are meeting resistance in Springfield. ADM appears ready to play hard ball, saying it expects to get $24 million in tax relief and is willing to move out of state. [Crain’s]

6 New iPhone: Wow

The iPhone 5S is faster, more intuitive and just flat-out cooler than its predecessors, writes Andy Ihnatko. He also sees it as a harbinger of amazing things ahead for Apple’s mobile users. [Grid]

7 Sears’ bizarro stock price

Sears’ business has shown no signs of improvement and its sales and profits almost never provide hope. But the stock keeps going up. Why? Because investors want the company to get desperate and sell off more real estate. [YCharts]

8 Runaway train — again?

Federal investigators probing the Blue Line “ghost train” that crashed into a passenger-laden train Monday may issue emergency guidelines to the CTA, indicating they fear a recurrence of the accident. No word on whether investigators have ruled out the possibility that an actual ghost was driving the train. [Tribune]