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Comic Hannibal Buress on Chicago prison fans and Tina Fey

When Chicago’s own Hannibal Buress guested Wednesday on FXX’s “Totally Biased with Kamau Bell,” the host asked him, “Now that you’re career’s blowing up, are you finding you’re getting recognized more?”

“Yeah,” Buress replied. “I was in Chicago and I was in this store and this guy walks up to me and he says, “Hey, man. Oh, man, you’re Hannibal Buress. I love your stand-up. I was watching your stand-up while I was in jail, man.” I was like, “Oh, word?” Because I was like, Wow. That was a different one. I didn’t know they had Comedy Central in jail. And he’s like, “Yeah, I was watching your stuff in jail. I was down for four years. I just got out.” I said, “Thank you, man. I appreciate that.”

And then he said, “Hey, yo. Is Tina Fey thick?”

For the rest of his response, and to find out what thick means if you don’t know already, give it a watch.