The Evening Rush for Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013

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Michael DiFoggio | Sun-Times library

DiFoggio dies

Federal informant Michael DiFoggio is dead after an apparent suicide. [Sun-Times]

NSA trouble

Now, it looks like even Yahoo! and Google were victims of NSA spying. [WaPo]

911 headache

The city’s understaffed 911 center racked up nearly $7 million in overtime costs. [Sun-Times]


DHH head Kathleen Sebelius testified in front of a panel on the glitch-filled rollout of the Affordable Health Care website. [N.Y. Times]

Money well burnt

After cutting Venetian Night to save $300,000, the city is now spending $1 million on the new Chicago Fire Festival. [Sun-Times]


An Oswego school was locked down after an IT worker left his handgun in a restroom. [NBC 5]

Divvy up

Keep the snowsuit out because you’ll be able to ride Divvy bikes into winter. [Sun-Times]

Daily tears

A town in Ohio threw an early Christmas for a dying boy. Weep. [Newser]

Brian’s pick

Urlacher steps into politics. [Sun-Times]

Bulled over

The Heat bullied the Bulls quite a bit last night, but the silver lining is that Derrick Rose is still back. [Sun-Times]

The Bright One

Dave McKinney on Mike Madigan’s battle against the BGA and Andy Shaw. [Sun-Times]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

A nifty simulator visualizes real-time births and deaths across the world. [The Atlantic]

The Latest
At least two defendants were expected to be released from prison Tuesday.
“There’s the grieving process — I think that’s normal,” the former Bears head coach said. “But you have to use that to be better.”
El hombre no se detuvo después de chocar, pero después fue arrestado.
Después de haber organizado varios desfiles este verano, el superintendente de policía señaló que los funcionarios de la ciudad ahora están “echando un vistazo urgente a la inteligencia”.
Durante las próximas cuatro semanas se realizarán unos 250 cortes de pelo, con citas disponibles en el sitio web de la organización