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VIDEO: Jonas Brothers explain their split; and 'presence' at B96 Jingle Bash

“It was time.”

The Jonas Brothers — Kevin, Joe and Nick — set the record straight about their breakup on “Good Morning America” today.

The GMA website reports: “I said, ‘Look, I feel like we’ve had some complications within the group for a long time [and] without addressing them I think this train will fall off the tracks,” Nick Jonas said on the program. “It was a tough conversation. It was the first time we really had that real conversation. … We’re family first and that’s always been our main priority and so honesty within what we do as a group was really important.”

Nick confirmed to Robin Roberts during the interview that he was the one who initiated the conversation about splitting up.

The group, which was in the midst of recording a new album (the singles “Pom Poms” and “First Time” were released earlier this year to lukewarm results) says it will release the four completed tracks, but the “V” album (yes, that would have been their “fifth” album) is history.

The Jonas Brothers explained the band’s breakup today on “GMA.” | AP FILE PHOTO

On a related note, the Jonas Brothers were slated to appear at the big B96 Jingle Bash in December. Nick Jonas spoke to the station’s The J Show on-air this morning about the Bash concert appearance: “We are all looking forward to continuing on in our own way in our own career paths, but as far as the show (B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash) goes coming up here in December, we’re going to find a way to have a Jonas there in some way, and hopefully two,” Nick said. We are going to see you guys, and we wanted to make sure we told you that and the fans in Chicago, and thanks for the support through all this.”