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Usher's battle with ex-wife seems endless

Usher confronts ex-wife Tameka Foster during court hearing in August

A friend of Usher’s who has known the entertainer for more than a decade quipped Monday, “The way Usher and [his ex-wife] Tameka continue to fight — four years after they got divorced! — they give new meaning to what it means to be ‘The Bickersons’! … Come on, can’t they just move on?”

Seems unlikely, and it appears the ongoing court battles are mostly being driven by Tameka Foster’s intense desire to find some way to gain primary custody — or at least shared custody — of the ex-couple’s two sons.

Foster now has gone into court, claiming Usher has ignored court-ordered instructions he, as well as Foster, attend co-parenting classes.

Usher’s ex-wife also claimed in her court filing that she has not been included in “important family decisions,” as the current custody arrangement states.

†While the relationship between Usher and Foster was quite chilly beforehand, things have deteriorated even further after a pool accident In August, when Usher Raymond V (known as “Cinco”) almost drowned when he got his arm caught in a drain at his father’s Atlanta home.

After that incident, Foster sued to regain full custody, claiming Usher was mostly an absentee father — leaving the boys in the care of nannies and family members.

A judge dismissed that case, maintaining Usher should maintain primary custody.

“Tameka is just not going to go away,” added the source. “She is going to remain a thorn in Usher’s side, until he finds some way — probably financially — to make her go away. … But he’s just as stubborn as she is. He does not want to give her another nickel, if he can help it.”