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State Rep: Same-sex marriage must go through Illinois Senate again if it is to pass in veto session

After last session ended without a resolution to same-sex marriage in the Illinois House, sponsors are eying the fall veto session.

To do that though, the current bill would have to change.

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) said as written the proposed legislation would need 71 votes to pass the Illinois House, since it’s taken up after May 30th and has an effective date of 30 days from passage. To pass with just 60 votes, the bill would have to be amended so that it takes effect next June.

“The goal is to pass it in veto session,” Cassidy told the Sun-Times. “The realistic number is 60 not 71.”

That means it would again have to go through the state Senate, which originally passed the measure on Valentine’s Day.

Whether 60 is even realistic remains to be seen. State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago) said he didn’t call the vote in May because he didn’t think he had the 60 needed votes for passage.

“We’ve been working really all angles, including the new Republican leadership,” said Cassidy. “We’re really looking for opportunities in every caucus, including the Republicans. We’ve had very encouraging conversations all over the state.”