Rose’s injury, vigilante restaurant owners and the rest of the day’s news

SHARE Rose’s injury, vigilante restaurant owners and the rest of the day’s news
SHARE Rose’s injury, vigilante restaurant owners and the rest of the day’s news

1 Dear God no

The highly anticipated matchup between ball-handling wunderkin Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving went as planned until the final four minutes of the fourth quarter. That’s when Rose, after a couple of those stupefyingly elegant drives, developed a hitch in his giddy-up. The Bulls pulled it out, but everyone’s favorite Giordano’s spokesman is now nursing a tweaked hamstring. [Sun-Times]

2 Typhoon help

As the news out of the Philippines continues to alarm, the USS George Washington set sail from Hong Kong on an emergency relief mission. Everyone hopes that its 80 aircraft will expedite the arrival of supplies to Tacloban, a city where 10,000 are feared dead. [NY Times]

3 Moderate Mark

Sen. Mark Kirk urged the four GOP candidates for governor to remain moderate on social issues if they’d like to actually win the election. Kirk, who himself backs gay marriage, declined to endorse any of the quartet. [Sun-Times]

4 Friends with benefits

Benefit corporations are for-profit companies that have legally committed themselves to the social good. Sometimes, that means spending an afternoon finding a place that prints checks on recycled paper. And sometimes it means sourcing your blueberries from Native Americans. In Alaska. [Grid]

5 Two recoveries

There’s a lot of optimism after last month’s sanguine jobs report, but don’t tell that to the other half. October’s jobs report also contained news of the hopelessness that continues to afflict the young and the less educated: the proportion of the adult population that has dropped out of the work force hit a 35-year high. [WSJ]

6 Two districts

Speaking of two Americas, a Lincoln Park elementary school will receive a three-story expansion, complete with rooftop play area, that’ll cost upward of $20 million. This comes after the September announcement of a $17 million annex at Payton High School, a few miles down the road in the equally posh Gold Coast. No news yet on rooftop play areas for the 50 schools that were closed in mostly minority areas this fall. [Crain’s]

7 Shidokan style

“He was adversarial, [so I used] hand-to-hand combat techniques to make sure he was unconscious.” That’s pretty much all you should need to know to click this link about an altercation between an iPhone thief and a Lincoln Park restaurant owner. [Sun-Times]


You know what sucks? Departmentwide emails. Especially if they’re complaining about free pizza. Etiquette columnist Amos Ornstein takes a mopey reader to task for using the modern-day equivalent of yelling stupid things at everyone. [Grid]

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