Move over Magic Mike: the latest all-male revue is coming to town

SHARE Move over Magic Mike: the latest all-male revue is coming to town
SHARE Move over Magic Mike: the latest all-male revue is coming to town

Need a little beefcake today? Welp, we’ve got you covered. Jeff Timmons, perhaps best known from his affiliation with boy band 98 Degrees, is hosting an all male review that on Saturday will bump and grind its way to a south Chicago suburb. (Scroll down to sneak a peek of an ok-for-viewing-on-your-work-computer snippet.)

Called “Men of the Strip,” Timmons’ traveling show is essentially a promotional tour for an upcoming Las Vegas strip tease show. The eight men are promoting a calendar and are also starring in a movie and reality show (coming soon to an as-yet-undisclosed top-rated cable network in 2014) about their journey to stripper bootcamp and beyond. Until then, the guys will gyrate their way into the hearts of ladies (and we’re sure, some men) who stop out south to see them in Steger performance space Another Hole In the Wall.

Timmons, who poses in the calendar, chatted about this new career turn.

ASG: First things first: is this full frontal?

JT: The guys take their shirts off. They dance. They’re very well choreographed. They all get their groove on but they don’t take all their clothes off. Although we do get pretty close. Some of the guys strip down to bikinis.

ASG: Do you strip down to a bikini?

JT: I emcee the show, so I sing 98 Degrees songs. (For the calendar) although 98 degrees is known for taking our shirts off, I was reluctant. I wasn’t nearly in good enough shape to be in the calendar, but I am shirtless and wearing the signature tie.

ASG: So… how did you go from touring with 98 Degrees and NKOTB this summer to running a strip show?

JT: A few years ago I was asked to host the Chippendales show in Vegas. At first I was like ‘absolutely not.’ Then I saw the show and was impressed with it. I went out there and I got a ton of press and the show got great reviews as far as the musicality of it. It was the catalyst for my group getting aback together. I didn’t dance, I did all the singing and stuff like that. At one point I ripped my shirt off because it’s the obligatory thing to do.

ASG: I’ve heard you say this will be better than Chippendales.

JT: Chippendales is a great brand but it’s a little dated and has a certain stigma. What if there was a younger, hipper version of that? So I got with Glenn (Douglas Packard) who choreographed Usher and Pink and said, how can we make an innovative, cool ladies night out? A hybrid. A variety show. I decided to create my own brand of this and make it a little more mainstream.

ASG: Are you the real Magic Mike?

JT: I wish I was Channing Tatum, but I don’t have the moves he does. I’m the non-existent singing part of Magic Mike.

Reporting by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs


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