Ramble with Storm: Tangled up in orange

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SHARE Ramble with Storm: Tangled up in orange

Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, our family’s mixed Lab.

I mean Osage orange, tangled up in Osage orange.

As we came around the back side of the south old clay pit, I looked to see if any more hedge apples were in the trees to fall. There were three.

They were no longer hanging on the tree, but caught in the crotches of the tangle of branches that make Osage orange such a good wind break.

Naturally, at least for me, I went to a broader meaning: It looked like life

And just as naturally, looking at the tangle of Osage orange branches, I drifted to Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue.”

I suspect the winds today may bring all three down.

We are in the area that is supposed to get winds possibly to 65 mph and has the highest potential for a tornado.

Stepping out, it felt ominous under a heavy overcast and strong winds. The wind made sounds in the wires in town.

The wind howled out of the southeast-south, but it is supposed to be shifting southwest and blowing harder as the day goes on.

A few Canada geese honked on the lake to the west. As we reached the far end of the extended ramble, I heard a couple mallards fly off from the lake. But I could not see them.

Two belted kingfishers chattered admonishments on the south pit. I could not decide if theychided me and the meathead or each other. Maybe all of the above.

By the time, we came back into town, the wind had already shifted straight south. The bank thermometer read 62 degrees, 45 degrees warmer than four days ago at this.

Something is coming.

Back in town, a gray squirrel scrambled up a telephone pole by the bus barn. Two more squirrels loped down the alley. Another gray squirrel leaped up the decorative fruit trees a street over.

Getting busy ahead of what is coming.

A blue jay squawked in the yard behind the house.

The darkest clouds had blown over, an eerie light seeped from the remaining lighter overcast.

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