GrubHub Seamless survey reveals that most employees eat like puppies

SHARE GrubHub Seamless survey reveals that most employees eat like puppies
SHARE GrubHub Seamless survey reveals that most employees eat like puppies

With regard to self-control, working adults behave a lot like puppies. This, according to a survey of about 1,000 professionals’ eating habits conducted by food delivery behemoth GrubHub Seamless.

Nearly three-quarters of adults will eat something they normally don’t, simply because it’s sitting there in front of them. Puppies.

The three most commonly reported factors in deciding what to eat in a given day? How popular the food is (80 percent), how easy it is to get (70 percent) and how easy it is to eat (65 percent). Puppies, puppies, puppies.

Workers do differ from puppies in a few important ways. Unlike puppies, 40 percent report that they skip lunch when they’re busy, and 30 percent say they skip breakfast. And in a brainstorming meeting, more than three times as many would opt for hummus, fruit, veggies or nuts over cupcakes and cookies.

The likelihood of being a young canine increases as the hours stretch into the night. The most popular late-night ordering option is pizza, at 41 percent. But many employees are puppies from the get-go, with nearly twice as many opting for carb-laden options like croissants over yogurt, oatmeal and other healthier options. At lunch, 63 percent of people opt for sandwiches, about eight times as many as go for a salad.

When broken down by profession, film and post-production folks are most likely to be puppies. Their three favorite types of cuisine are Italian, American and deli. Engineers and architects are only slightly less likely to be small dogs: they order more Chinese than any other group.

The least likely to be a puppy? Hedge funds, who order the most healthy food. Because when you work 120 hours a week, you can’t afford to be a puppy.

Finally, on a note completely unrelated to puppies, 40 percent claim to drink more caffeinated beverages during the week. Presumably, the other 60 percent spend their weekends chugging vodka Red Bulls, followed by Pedialyte.

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