Sue’s Morning Stretch: See Joel Osteen at noon

SHARE Sue’s Morning Stretch: See Joel Osteen at noon
SHARE Sue’s Morning Stretch: See Joel Osteen at noon

Televangelists Joel Osteen addresses the crowd last summer at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago. | Sun-Times File

  • Joel Osteen, fried chicken and Matt Lauer’s beard. That’s what I noticed this morning:Joel Osteen is in Chicago and was talking to “WGN Morning News” anchors. They were probing very politely, but still asked questions a lot of people have about the mega-pastor. What, they asked, does he respond to people who say he preaches too much “be positive” talk not enough Bible. His answer? “You’ve got to feel good about yourself first.” And what are people who have real challenges —bad health, job loss — supposed to feel good about? Osteen says seek whatever is positive in their lives and focus on that. “You’ve got to get up every day and find something to be grateful for.” Side-stepped the gay marriage question, although did say his congregation has gay members. He’ll be signing his new book, “Break Out,” at noon at Books-A-Million, 144 S. Clark.
  • Over on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show,” they were talking about a Mississippi pastor who has banned fried chicken at his church. He’s also added a walking track there, all in an effort to get his congregation healthier. I like the walking, but hope the pastor encourages them to cut the carbs (soda, fries, chips), too. Props to the pastor for pushing his people to sign up for insurance via Obamacare.
  • Alright, Matt Lauer still not shaving, and call me Emily Litella (I’m dating myself here; she’s the late Gilda Radner’s character who always was criticizing something she had wrong). Matt’s not shaving because of Movember, which started out as mustaches grown to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other male cancers and their charities. Well, my dad just died from prostate cancer, and I’m not sure how a bunch of guys doing something they like a lot — not shaving — helps, but if it raises awareness, OK, I guess will let up on Matt and his mangy beard. But maybe you are like me and getting a little suspect of all these goofy things that are supposed to help find a cure for cancer. Is it all just a bunch of noise distracting from what should be the real intention: getting funding to qualified researchers?
  • Jimmy Carter, articulate, looking fabulous and talking about his latest humanitarian work (eradicating diseases worldwide) on “GMA.” Sharp as ever, too. When asked what keeps the 89-year-old in such great shape, he said, “I work hard and do what my wife tells me.” Wives of the world agree, that’s good advice.
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