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The Evening Rush for Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Temperatures to push 25 below

A wind chill advisory is in effect and temperatures could push 25 below zero, the National Weather Service warns. The advisory is in effect from 6 p.m. Wednesday through 5 a.m. Thursday.

Stay warm, Chicago. Here’s a map of warming centers, should you or someone you know need one. [Sun-Times]

Obamacare enrollment picks up

A whopping 7,043 Illinoisans have enrolled since the exchange opened on Oct. 1. [Sun-Times]

Pope Francis: Person of the Year

The pope’s unorthodox approach has earned him TIME’s Person of the Year. [TIME]

Hiding heroin

Where is Chicago’s heroin stashed before it hits the streets? The joint WBEZ/Chicago Reader investigation continues. [WBEZ]

30 years later, Stanley Wrice is free

A South Side man has left prison after a judge overturned his conviction. [Sun-Times]

Chance the Rapper’s early tracks

The Internet has dug up a cache of early music of Chicago’s favorite son, much of it recorded at Harold Washington Library. [Chicagoist]

Party foul

Don’t spill your beer. Also, don’t let the gaskets fail at your brewery, causing 1,500 gallons of beer to spill out. [Voices]

Urlacher: McCown over Cutler

The future Hall of Famer loves rattling cages. [Voices]

12 bars of Christmas

After last year’s property damage and stabbing report, TBOX organizers are beefing up security. [Redeye Chicago]

Lululemon pays parking ticket

A customer walked out to find a parking ticket, but Lululemon Halsted has her back. [DNAinfo Chicago]

The Bright One

Neil Steinberg rides a Divvy bike in the snow so you don’t have to. [Sun-Times]


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And finally

Hawk Harrelson was snubbed for the Ford C. Frick Award for excellence in broadcasting, but that won’t stop us from collecting his best moments. [Voices]