Baby farm animals and the rest of the best business stuff this week

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Here at Grid we spend a lot of time reading what the Internet has to say about business. Or, as journalists like to call it, “working.” Every Friday, we let you benefit from our diligence by collecting the most interesting and entertaining stuff we’ve encountered this week.

Why Modern Farmer is no joke

The appeal of this Businessweek article is much like the appeal of Modern Farmer — combining information I never thought I wanted to know with pictures of adorable farm animals. In this case, the cute farm animals are representing the rise of “hobby farmers.” Sarah Collins

The secrets behind the ghostwriting business

A manifesto on the ins and outs of the ghostwriting biz. Replete with fun facts, like a bestselling ghostwriter can make as little as $30,000 a pop, and that Sheryl Sandberg did not, in fact, Lean In far enough to pen her own book. Meg Graham

Because Fitbit is not enough

After tracking my steps all day, I’m pretty tired. But my obsession with breaking down my life and habits into interactive charts does not end there. Enter sleep tracking. A new company is creating a smart sleep mask called the NeuroOn that can track your sleep habits by monitoring eye movements and brain waves. It can also wake you up on time and teach you a polyphasic sleep schedule, where you sleep less during the night and take naps throughout the day. Three hours of sleep a night? Sign me up! Rex Chekal

All our heroes are owned by Disney

Slowly but with the stealthy assurance of a cobra, Disney is buying up the rights to all kinds of iconic characters and pictures. Last week, it snagged Indiana Jones. The most facially symmetrical archaeologist in film history joins the Muppets, Star Wars and Buzz Lightyear in Disney’s hallowed stable. Matt Present

Do we really still have to explain tokenism?

Yes, it’s delightful that Twitter decided to promote a woman to its board. Marjorie M. Scardino seems delightful, and imminently qualified. One woman though, cannot fix the gender imbalance in Silicon Valley, as the New Yorker explains. And Twitter isn’t the only one with the problem. Yelp, Zynga, Groupon, LinkedIn and Pandora all count just one woman on their boards. Sarah Collins

Get ready for Uber to hit overdrive with delivery biz

Uber’s whole taxi disruption thing may be just a way to build a workforce capable of doing more than delivering Christmas trees, ice cream and drunken Grid staff home from the bar last night. “We need to stamp out an urban logistics fabric in every city in the world, then it’s figuring out other things we can do with that fabric,” CEO Travis Kalanick said at the LeWeb conference in Paris this week. He also promises an “interesting” 2014. Sara White

The Latest
Donald Patrick, 47, faces felony counts of burglary and aggravated assault of a peace officer, Chicago police announced Tuesday.
Seiya Suzuki returned from paternity leave and Willson Contreras was activated from the injured list.
The Sept. 13 shooting that left Axel Robledo wounded was called an apparent “random act of violence” by Chicago police.
The outgoing and avuncular Lynch was first drawn to Chicago in 1967 when he visited the city from his home in Wisconsin to see the Picasso sculpture.
Participants will take fitness classes and healthy cooking classes; ‘I’ve never known anything specifically geared toward the health and wellness of the community like this,’ said one organizer