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Those aren't giant candy canes, they're holiday Divvy bikes

Anyone who’s ever dreamed of riding around in the cold on two-wheeled candy cane will get the chance this holiday season as Divvy, Chicago’s bike share system, is offering special holiday bikes through the new year.

The HoliDivvy bike features a candy cane design that is fully reflective at night, and will be available at all 300 Divvy stations for those “lucky” enough to find one, according to a statement from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.

“The HoliDivvy bike will be a fun and cheerful way for Chicagoans to use Divvy bike sharing during the holiday season,” the mayor said in the statement. “Even in cold weather, Divvy remains a transportation option for holiday shoppers and festive revelers.”

Spoken Art, an artist collaborative dedicated to bicycle art, designed and created the special holiday cycles, working with the city to further its goal of increasing safe ridership through artistic reflective decals and other creations.

Riding the specialty bikes will surely get you noticed, and could also win you a prize. Riders are encouraged to post photos of the bikes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook along with the hashtag #HOLIDIVVY.

Officials will choose their favorites and present the posters with special Divvy beanie caps or annual memberships in the Divvy system.