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Lori Rackl: Top 10 TV shows of 2013, old and new

The folks at the entertainment news website HitFix were kind enough to include me in this year’s critics’ poll of the top TV shows of 2013. The results were posted today at

Each critic was asked to list his or her 10 best shows*. Because 2013 yielded a bountiful crop of promising new programs, they expanded the poll this year to include a separate list of critics’ favorite new TV shows, too.

After plenty of hand-wringing (except for “Breaking Bad” being tops, natch), you can see what I came up with below. (And stay tuned for more: On Dec. 31, The Sun-Times will a story about my Top 10 TV moments of the year.)

How do my picks for HitFix square with your favorites?

Lori’s top 10 TV shows of 2013

1. Breaking Bad (AMC)

2. Game of Thrones (HBO)

3. Homeland (Showtime)

4. American Horror Story (FX)

5. The Americans (FX)

6. Parks and Recreation (NBC)

7. Mad Men (AMC)

8. The Walking Dead (AMC)

9. Scandal (ABC)

10. Downton Abbey (PBS)

Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” (Photo courtesy HBO)

Lori’s top 10 new shows of 2013

1. The Americans (FX)

2. Orphan Black (BBC America)

3. Broadchurch (BBC America)

4. Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)

5. House of Cards (Netflix)

6. Rectify (Sundance)

7. Time of Death (Showtime)

8. Masters of Sex (Showtime)

9. The Returned (Sundance)

10. Sleepy Hollow (Fox)

Pictured left to right: Luke Kirby, Clayne Crawford, Aden Young, J. Smith-Cameron, Bruce McKinnon and Abigail Spencer in Sundance Channel’s “Rectify.” (Photo courtesy Sundance)

*First list was to be comprised of the top 10 television shows or TV miniseries/movies that aired in the U.S./Canada in 2013 or premiered and streamed online via services like Netflix and Amazon. Second list was only for new TV series/miniseries/movies based on 2013 U.S./Canada TV premiere or online via services like Netflix and Amazon.