Poisons, twerking and seafood: Chicago’s most-searched for items of 2013

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Chicagoans are a curious bunch. We also apparently spent a lot of 2013 using Google to search for celebrity news, dance moves, drugs and poisons, great seafood and spiritual redemption.

For the past year, we focused our Internet searches on Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse, ricin and how to twerk. We wanted to know about “Man of Steel” and “World War Z.” We wanted to learn more about Paul Walker, Adrian Peterson and the Blackhawks.

That’s according to Google, which used a super-secret algorithm to suss out the trendiest, most-searched terms input by Chicagoans in 2013.

Bing got in on this action as well. The most-searched term “with respect to Chicago” was the YMCA. And that’s because the organization is based in the city. It’s also, according to Bing, the most-searched for charity in the nation. Habitat for Humanity and American Cancer Society came in second and third, according to the search engine.

Google started compiling this information to send out to news outlets a few weeks ago. That was before Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker died. Those two notable deaths impacted the searches of Chicagoans. They also impacted Facebook’s similar list of most-mentioned items.

As of last week, the social media monolith said that the Super Bowl, government shutdown, Boston Marathon, Syria crises and Harlem Shake topped their list of items mentioned in status updates. (Don’t worry, the royal baby and Mandela are in the top ten as well.)

Interestingly, according to Google, apparently hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans wanted to know more about vine, path and snapchat, which would indicate that we want to be more socially connected. And in terms of the top ten “how to” list of searches from Chicago, “How to wop” and “how to repent” were in the top five.

Below is a smattering of the top ten Chicago-specific search lists provided from Google.

Top Zagat Searches: Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse, Shaw’s Crab House, Nomi, Hugo’s Frog Bar, Spiaggia, Catch 35, Girl & the Goat, Rosebud, Everest, Graham Elliott.

Top trending “What Is” searches: What is twerking, what is ricin, what is doma, what is path, what is molly, what is manslaughter, what is vine, what is glossophobia, what is claustrophobia, what is snapchat.

Top trending “how to” searches: how to twerk, how to screenshot, how to wop, how to install, how to repent, how to shred, how to tie, how to network, how to play, how to negotiate.

Top trending sport searches: Boston Marathon, Super Bowl 2013, Mayweather Vs. Canelo, NFL Draft 20132, Red Wings, NBA Draft 2013, Stanley Cup 2013, Wimbledon 2013, world baseball classic, Masters 2013

— Adrienne Samuels Gibbs

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