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Watch: Trailer for Netflix' Mitt Romney documentary

In many ways, the 2012 presidential election is still a war being waged – when the 2016 election isn’t forefront of the media spin machine. The Obama mandate, congressional buy-in and legislative malaise are all part of the fallout of a bitter election in an increasingly bitter political universe.

The math, technology and grassroots factors that propelled Barack Obama into a second term in the White House have been well documented. The larger reasons for victory and defeat have been discussed into dust. The line of candidates is already forming for the next go-’round.

Through it all, though, Mitt Romney still remains as an enigma and an upcoming film only adds a bit to the questions while hoping to convey some answers. Netflix is promising a documentary, “MITT,” to be released January 24 that seeks to demystify a man many voters had problems identifying with. That this movie is being released more than a year after the election may only be a metaphor for communication difficulties the Romney campaign endured in 2012.

The trailer released Wednesday, though, shows an inside peak into the Romney clan that many of his supporters alluded to on the campaign trail – a family man, serious and calculating, but personable and pleasant. Traits he never could quite tie together consistently in presenting himself as a brand for the electorate. If he had, the presidency may have taken a different turn on history’s path.

“MITT” has been selected as the Salt Lake City gala premiere at 2014 Sundance, debuting at the film festival on Jan. 17 before broader release across Netflix.