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Sue's Morning Stretch: Dancing Doctor says dancing is her medicine

Dancing’s good for you! As a Zumbanista and avid line dancer, I gotta say, I knew that.

  • The Dancing Doctor was on “Good Morning America.” Dr. Deborah Cohan is the DD and the video she is in went viral. Right before her own surgery for a double mastectomy the San Francisco area ob/gyn doc danced to Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” and asked her friends and family to do the same on the day of her surgery and send the videos to her. Cohan told the GMA she is feeling good and she did dance during recovery (and on “GMA,” even getting the always reluctant dancer George Stephanopoulis to boogie a bit). “Dancing is my medicine,” she said, and talked about how it releases tension and emotions. (So true!) She advises others facing a health challenge to accept the fear but try not to let the fear control you. She’s a good dancer, too; says she learned from watching “Soul Train.” Like so many of us did!
  • TV and movies gotta stop with the scenes where the dad is so flummoxed by diapering and handling his kid. The dads are alright. A new survey shows today’s dads are slightly more involved with their kids than dads were in the past, according to “Today.” Even that little increase means good things for children. The result is kids with fewer school problems, fewer discipline problems and supposedly even better eating habits, according to National Center for Health Statistics, which is an arm of the Centers for Disease Control Prevention. To paraphrase Sheryl Sandberg: lean in, dads, if you aren’t already.
  • Good tip from “Good Day Chicago” about last-minute holiday entertaining. If you don’t have time to get your place looking festive, decorate with food. (Set the noshes up shaped like a tree. for example.) And here’s a really good idea: do something like a bar cookie and put it in a Ziploc bag; decorate it some. People can eat it at the party if they’d like. But how many times are people too stuffed after all the other food to eat the dessert you made? This way they can take it with them. Love that idea!

— Sue Ontiveros