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Monday time-waster: Behind the scenes of one of the hottest shows on Netflix (video)

“House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black” were some of the hottest shows this year, but don’t forget the slow-burning genius of another Netflix favorite: “Fireplace for Your Home.”

The online video service’s crackling yule log set to Christmas music has been streaming into subscribers’ homes for the past three holiday seasons. (The original televised yule log loop dates back to 1966; read all about it in the Village Voice.)

Netflix decided to have a little holiday fun and release faux behind-the-scenes footage of “Fireplace for Your Home,” complete with an obnoxious auteur who berates a crew member who doesn’t share his vision.

“Just putting that log there makes me think that you don’t understand what we’re trying to do,” the director says in the short video, seen here:

If they could only figure out a way for it to roast chestnuts…