Ready for Her Close-Up: Lisa Vanderpump - “I should have just walked around naked.”

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Lisa Vanderpump on “Vanderpump Rules.” Bravo photo

She lives in a world of backstabbing, one-upping, and zingers that linger long after the Jimmy Choo stilettos are put away from the last lavish weekend in Palm Springs.

You think it’s easy being a real housewife of Beverly Hills?

There is so much drama that there is barely enough time to accessorize, well … wait a minute.

What am I saying? Life is all about accessorizing in the 90210 zip code.

Two seconds into a conversation with Lisa Vanderpump of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Vanderpump Rules” and we’re halfway through her Chanel clutch discussing what products are must-haves in her world.

Of course, there is one little secret that must be divulged. It’s personal. It private. It involves lip service. For once, it doesn’t involve that Brandy.

Me: People have written in, Lisa. They want to know exactly what shade of pink lipstick you wear. It’s the perfect pink.

Lisa: Darrrling, I know! It is perfect. I have so many people ask me that question.

For a moment, her British accent is distracting and her warm demeanor is so lovely that the question might just disappear like a peach Bellini at a cocktail party.

No. Focus. What is that damn lipstick color?

Inquiring minds!

“I think the Chanel lip glosses are amazing. You really do get what you pay for,” Vanderpump insists.

Just tell us. We’ll pay for it!

Finally, she starts rifling through her actual purse to figure out what colors she uses.

“I do a mix of Chanel glosses to get that pink,” she confides. “My number one is Chanel 11 and I mix it with a pinker one called Chanel 02. Then I use a nude lip liner.”

Look for this soon on the CNN news crawl.

“I mix it up a bit and use one of the glosses more than the other,” she says. “I think if you go for a little something on your eyelashes and a little gloss on your mouth then you’re good to go.”

Do you hear that Kyle and Brandi? Learn from the master.

In real life, Vanderpump is gorgeous, funny and self-deprecating, which is part of her charm. “I think that should be your headline: She looks better than the 20-year-olds!”

It begs the question: What are her best beauty secrets?

1. Don’t Deprive Yourself.

Vanderpump insists, “I’m not one of those women who says, ‘I’ll have a carrot or the veggie plate.’ I really do eat. I sample my own food at my restaurants. I’ll have that glass of wine or even two glasses on some nights.”

She says that at home she cooks for hubby Ken and makes use of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. “I’ll do salads with a protein or roast chicken. That really works for us,” she says.

And she says, “yes” to dessert.

“I absolutely love chocolate,” she says. “I do have chocolate every single day, but in moderation,” says Vanderpump.

2. Get in the Gym the Next Day

“I think the key over 40 is exercise regularly. You need to step it up with exercise at that age,” she says. “And one of my secrets is to cut out the carbs at night and, honestly, never drink too much. The goal is to keep your weight stable, so it doesn’t fluctuate all over the place.”

3. Multi-Task During Your Workout.

Vanderpump has a treadmill and works out at home while looking at emails or watching the news. “If you don’t like the gym, you can get it all done at home. I do treadmill, situps and weights. It just takes discipline to do it. If you multi-task while exercising, it goes so much faster.”

4. It’s OK to Botox.

“I’m very honest. I always say that I’ll tell you the truth about this topic,” she says. “The truth is I haven’t done anything major. I do a bit of Botox and filler. I use the retinol acid to keep the skin exfoliating. Otherwise, I’m pretty low maintenance.”

5. Enjoy Your Body at All Ages.

“In your 40s, you think, ‘What did I bother worrying about when I was younger? I should have just walked around naked!’”

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