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McDonald's shuts down embattled employee resources website

McDonald’s has taken down its employee resources website after what it deemed “unwarranted scrutiny and inappropriate commentary.”

The website on Monday displayed several posts that bashed fast food, including calling a cheeseburger and fries as an “unhealthy choice.”

McDonald’s released this statement about the website:

We have offered the McResource program to help our valued McDonald’s employees with work and life guidance created by independent third party experts. A combination of factors has led us to re-evaluate, and we’ve directed the vendor to take down the website. Between links to irrelevant or outdated information, along with outside groups taking elements out of context, this created unwarranted scrutiny and inappropriate commentary.

None of this helps our McDonald’s team members. We’ll continue to provide service to our folks through an internal telephone help line, which is how the majority of employees access the McResource services.

The website came under fire this summer for a budget-planning guide and this fall for advice on tipping pool cleaners and housekeepers.