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Mom Naomi Judd: Daughter Ashley and hubby Dario Franchitti reconcile

  • As has been strongly hinted at since Dario Franchitti was nearly killed in that horrible racing crash Oct. 6, the race car driver and his estranged wife Ashley Judd have reconciled. The actress’ mother, Naomi Judd, said as much to Closer magazine — explaining how that near-tragedy rekindled the couple’s romance. Back in January, Judd had announced that she and Franchilii had separated, after being together for a dozen years. “The instant [Ashley] heard about the wreck, she jumped on a plane and was there with him,” the senior Judd told the magazine. “They are madly in love. And they are bonded for life.”
  • Recently Franchitti has announced that due to the injuries he suffered in the accident, he was retiring from professional racing.