The right gift is here. Or at least it’s fun. At the One of a Kind show.

SHARE The right gift is here. Or at least it’s fun. At the One of a Kind show.

When it comes to holiday gift giving, my mother receives an ultimatum every Halloween.

If she pays an admission fee, has the ability to meet the artisan and the goods are sold from a folding table — the gift tag should not have my name on it.

But she could travel to the One of a Kind show this weekend and find gifts for others, and admittedly, a few for me. With more than 600 artists in disciplines ranging from fine art to gourmet foodstuffs setting up shop, there is a gift for everyone on the list.

Here are a few stops on the shop trail worth a look:

For the edgy ‘artiste’

Brooklyn-based artist Mauro Baiocco takes over-the-top dreary oil paintings and adds whimsical monsters to the canvas. For One of a Kind, he created a line of limited prints with iconic Chicago landmarks photo bombed by his monsters. Or there arejust straight monster portraits. From $20. Booth 8051

For the wearable-art connoisseur

Spanish fashion designer (Mango, Zara) Paz Sintes hand-paints haute couture embellishments and weaves them into intricate necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Each piece is silk, custom-made and a break from heavy metal pieces. From $40. Booth 8055

For the microwave chef

You could pull pans from the oven with a standard-issue hot pad, but why? Costumers Stacy Rauba and Yutaka Fujita use remnants from their sewing business and create bespoke hot pads, some with a different gauge of hot. Like smoking hot. $20 for two. Booth 7053

For the ironic mustache man

Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve — tequila cat in a sombrero on a T-shirt is a better mood indicator. Graphic designer Jason Laurits started his Paste line with shirts and has parlayed his signature kitsch onto rocks glasses. From $9. Booth 8067

The One of a Kind Show and Sale continues 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday at the Merchandise Mart, 222 W. Merchandise Mart. Admission is $12.

Here are some other ideas:

Fifth incarnation of this truck, as tested by Mt. Greenwood carpenter Keith Mastropaolo’s son. $18 each.#MoteDesignToys#ooaks

Need your pet’s visage personified? Nadine Williams of Pet Portraiture has you covered. Booth 8086. From $120.#ooaks

Chicago designer Dana Killion‘sPayton side zip jacket in gray. Booth 8102.#ooaks

Designer Edson Enriquez handcrafts @limbojewelry jewelry from his Austin studio. These are forged sterling silver and 14k gold fill. $109. #ooaks

For the @cta enthusiast pn your list, Jennifer Burak @ZerobirdStudio has prints. Not just my#orangeline.#ooaks

Illustrator Erin Bonham BoxBerry cards and prints, starting at $4.#etsy#ooaks

Samantha McIntosh Metal necklaces. #ooaks #etsy EP27

Leather earrings look like gold vermeil from#OnceAgainSam in #etsy space. #ooaks

Joelle Medici creates Mr. Sogs Creatures. Perf for baby gifts. Booth 9081#ooaks

Mayan spice chocolates: ancho chile, Mexican vanilla bean and cinnamon. Mayana Chocolate, Booth 9065.#ooaks

Melissa Yen’s Jo Snowflavored syrups, including cardamom rose water. She has a perfect cocktail recipe.#ooaks.

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