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Sue's Morning Stretch: Amy Robach back on "GMA"

ABC correspondent Amy Robach returned to the set of “Good Morning America” this morning, “three weeks to the date” from her breast cancer surgery.

  • Amy Robach has been back at work, but this was her first time on “Good Morning America,” where she earlier made that surprising announcement about her breast cancer. Robach, you might remember, did an on-air mammogram, the first time “GMA” had ever done so, to raise awareness of the importance of the exams in the detection of breast cancer. Robach, 40, learned from that October exam she has breast cancer. Today she said that the surgery revealed the cancer had spread to her left breast and into the lymph nodes, but that the prognosis was good. She will start four months of chemotherapy in two weeks. Physically she says she feels “remarkably well,” but mentally it is a struggle. Good thing in all this: “What it forces you to do is live in the moment.” Robach, wife of “Melrose Place’s” Andrew Shue, is on the cover of People telling her story, hoping others will learn from it.
  • During the fashion show of Discovery Clothes looks for $50 and less on “You & Me This Morning,” the company’s Lisa Arient said that harem pants are back. But, these aren’t those balloon-pants we wore back in the day. They’re not as full, but still tapered at the ankle. (BTW, Discovery’s fashion show proved women who want a now look don’t have to spend a fortune.) New Discovery Clothes store opens in Chicago Ridge mall at 10 a.m. First 100 customers get a free pair of jeans. Not a bad deal.
  • Pantone, which calls itself the “authority on color,” predicts a color of the upcoming year annually. For 2014, look for Radiant Orchid to be everywhere, I heard on “Today.” There already is a coffeemaker in that color. And tights. It’s very bright, can’t miss it. —Sue Ontiveros