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Jay Cutler — and other NFL quarterbacks — bald

Proving that some people simply have too much time on their hands, the good folks at have gone a little crazy with Photoshop, giving us a creepy look at what today’s NFL quarterbacks would look like bald.

Some appear to be dead on, while others are hilarious, if not questionable. Take Jay Cutler, for example:

They left Jay with way, way too much forehead — there’s no way his current helmet would fit on that golden dome. And I have to think his remaining hair would be a bit more put together.

Tom Brady seems just about right, but really, there’s no way Gisele would let him go out in public looking this way:

Peyton Manning seems to be strangely accurate — but he’s missing the giant reddish/purple marks that his helmet leaves across the forehead:

But the winner for not only funniest, but most likely to be 100 correct if he was age-progressed 20 years is the Lions’ Matthew Stafford: