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James Bond's "Submarine Car" hits auction block next month; No reserve bid

Nothing to do in September?

One of the most famous cars of all time – James Bond’s Lotus Espri “Submarine Car” from The Spy Who Loved Me – hits the auction block Sep 8-9 in London.

Known as “Wet Nellie” on set, the white Lotus sprouted fins and turned into a submarine during a famous 007 underwater sequence filmed in the Bahamas.

Brit — and now “Sir” — Roger Moore played Bond in the film, but the man behind the wheel of the submerged Lotus was actually Don Griffin, a retired U.S. Navy Seal.

See the RM Auction news release about the “Submarine Car” going “under the hammer” Sep. 8-9 in London’s Battersea Park here:

And get this: there is NO reserve on this iconic car. Register to enter a telephone or onsite bid here:

However, the London Telegraph estimates “Wet Nelli” will fetch at least 500,000 British pounds —

Lotus Esprit “Submarine Car” takes James Bond for a dive in The Spy Who Loved Me

or $773,600 in U.S. dollars. See the London Telegraph report here: