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Chicago Shakespeare's "Othello: The Remix" to be Presented at Cook County Jail

The hit Chicago Shakespeare Theater production of The Q Brothers’ “Othello: The Remix” — the rousing 70-minute hip hop version of the classic tragedy about jealousy, manipulation and race — will play for an audience of about 500 inmates at the Cook County Jail at 2700 S. California on Aug. 27.

The production is being described as “geared specifically for inmates being rehabilitated to make better and more informed decisions upon their release….with its title character transformed from a military general to an MC rapper. [It] takes the story into a relateable world for the detainees.” The actors will host a post-performance Q&A with the inmates, expanding further on the play’s themes as well as their training and professional development.

The Q Brothers, GQ and JQ, are siblings born and raised in Chicago. “Othello: The Remix” was commissioned by CST, and written, directed and scored by the Q Brothers in collaboration with CST creative producer Rick Boynton. In addition to the Q Brothers, the cast of the show includes Jackson Doran, Postell Pringle and DJ Clayton Stamper.

The production recently completed a hugely successful, sold-out Chicago homecoming at Chicago Shakespeare after debuting at London’s Globe Theatre as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The show is now headed to the Daejeon Arts and Culture Festival, just outside of Seoul, South Korea. And in September, the production will return to London for a month-long run at the Unicorn Theatre before continuing on to the Sydney Festival in Australia this winter.