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VIDEO: Former Cub Ryan Dempster plunks A-Rod, A-Rod retaliates with home run

Last night, stuff got testy when former Cub Ryan Dempster, now pitching for the Red Sox, threw behind Yankees slugger and alleged PED user Alex Rodriguez and then, two pitches later, plunked A-Rod in the left shoulder. Testy exchanges – including Yanks manager Joe Girardi getting ejected though Dempster strangely didn’t seeing as how the plunking looked pretty intentional – followed. A-Rod stared down Dempster. Tensions were high. And then the Yankees didn’t retaliate and A-Rod homered off of Dempster, stared down Dempster again, and the pitcher’s folk hero status among A-Rod haters was deflated. Well, everywhere except for Boston where Red Sox fans will presumably still buy Dempster beers for the rest of his time in the city.

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