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Helgenberger back for 300th 'CSI' episode

TV TALK: Fans for Marg Helgenberger — and “CSI” — will be happy to hear the actress will be returning for the 300th episode of the long-running hit CBS drama series. Helgenberger, an original cast member who left the show after 12 seasons in January, 2012, now stars on the new CBS drama, “Intelligence.”

In her “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” “reunion” episode the actress will reprise her former Catherine Willows character — brought back to help solve a cold case that has haunted the “CSI” team for 14 years. The episode is slated to run Oct. 23.

The 14th season of “CSI” premieres at 9 p.m. Sept. 25 on WBBM-Channel 2.