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Comedy from Second City alum Brian Gallivan lands at ABC

Brian Gallivan, via

You might remember Brian Gallivan from Second City’s smash-hit “Between Barack and a Hard Place,” which had a long run starting in 2007. In one particularly memorable scene he plays a hit man who refuses to off Obama for a woman named “Sillary Tinton” because, “I’m in love with him. He’s dreamy.”

After his work on the stage in Chicago and as part of Second City’s touring company, Gallivan went on to create The McCarthys, whose pilot (said to be, according to, “one of the strongest on the comedy side at the network in years”) is currently being reshot at CBS, and score an overall development deal with Sony TV.

Gallivan’s latest coup, reports, is a single-camera comedy he’ll write and executive produce. Its premise: an overworked father who dreams “of being ‘on vacation all year’ decides to uproot his family from the city and move them to New Hampshire, where they open a group of tourist cottages.”

It’s reportedly being developed for the 2014/2015 season.