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Acting legends Streep & DeNiro — together again

Academy Award winners Meryl Streep and Robert DeNiro — who have not starred together since the AIDS drama “Marvin’s Room” in 1996 — will reteam on the big screen adaptation of Ann Leary’s bestseller “The Good House.”

This will be the acclaimed actors’ fourth film together. Along with “Marvin’s Room,” the two co-starred in “Falling in Love” in 1984, plus the groundbreaking “The Deer Hunter” in 1978.

“The Good House” is a darkly comic tale about Hildy Good (Streep) a New England Realtor, described as a “not-so-recovering alcoholic” who rekindles an old flame with Frank Getchell (DeNiro) a straight-talking, blunt Yankee. All this is complicated by Hildy’s new friendship with a woman who becomes the target of town gossip.

The film’s producing team will include longtime DeNiro professional partner Jane Rosenthal, with the screenplay being penned by Michael Cunningham, whose novel “The Hours,” was turned into the Oscar-winning film which also starred Meryl Streep.