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1 Belated justice

A formerly homeless man who spent 11 years in prison on a rape conviction will be released as early as today. The state’s attorney has found that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Carl Chatman back in 2002. [Sun-Times]

2 iPhone fever

Expect a Twitter frenzy as Apple unveils two new iPhones today: the 5S, a swanky new model that might include a fingerprint scanner, and t 5C, a cheap plastic version. Gizmodo breaks it down. [Gizmodo]

3 The jobs are coming

Chicago should see an increase in new jobs in the fourth quarter, according to a Manpower survey. But 39 percent of employers still say they’re struggling to find the right people. [Grid]

4 Rahm on Broadway

Mayor Emanuel made an appearance on the “Late Show With David Letterman” last night. He got off a few wisecracks, said he loves his job and that Congress should support the president on Syria. Here’s a clip. [CBS]

5 U of C, Northwestern score high

Two Chicago colleges are ranked among the top 12 in the country, according to US News & World Report’s annual ranking, which rarely changes much and probably has too much influence over these things. [Crain’s]

6 Inside the Molex deal

Koch Industries’ $7.2 billion purchase of Lisle-based Molex, which makes electronic components in cellphones and other devices, should net the Krehbiel family $2.2 billion. It all began when local deal guru Byron Trott made a call to Kansas. [WSJ]

7 Still wacky

Proving it’s still got a few marketing tricks up its sleeve, Groupon is creating a frenzy in India by offering 2 pounds of onions for 14 cents. [Quartz]

8 Solve this

A Chicago hedge fund manager/math geek has created a new puzzle called the Magic Cube. He says it’s like the Rubik’s Cube but with 3,000 more possible combinations. He’s challenging well-known math whizzes like Citadel’s Ken Griffin to try to solve it. [Grid]