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Baby talk for Emily Blunt & John Krasinski — plus Jay Cutler's bride is anxious for #2

There has been a rash of “nesting” tales involving the Hollywood crowd the past couple of days.

Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski are said to be “overjoyed” they are expecting their first child. This happy news jives with comments the longtime “The Office” star told me when we chatted about his recent film, “Promised Land.”

Krasinski said “having a family is something I really look forward to having. We both are anxious to have kids. … Can’t wait.”

The couple’s spokesfolks confirmed Wednesday that Blunt will be having a baby within the next few months. Krasinski and Blunt married in Italy in 2010, and recently moved into a larger home in a “kids-friendly” Los Angeles-area neighborhood.

†Virtually a few hours after I interviewed Mario Lopez this past weekend about his hosting gig on “The X Factor” — the “Extra” anchor and his wife Courtney welcomed their second child — and first son, Dominick — to their growing family. The couple are parents of daughter Gia, who just turned 3. The newest Lopez — named for his late great-grandfather, will go by the nickhame, Nico.

†Speaking of babies, Kristin Cavallari told E! News she and her Bears QB hubby Jay Cutler are “working on” having baby number two. “We want to have a second sooner, rather than later,” Cavallari told the entertainment cable network. “We know we want another one close in age to Camden [who is age 1], and we’re at the point where we’re both ready.”

†While there’s no baby on the way (as far as we know), Jessica Biel has officially taken husband Justin Timberlake’s name, 11 months after the couple wed. That said, the actress will still use Biel professionally.