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Interactive graphic: Vikings' Christian Ponder under pressure

Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder certainly doesn’t rank as one of the elite quarterbacks, and the Bears have had their way with him in his first two seasons.

While the focus will surely be on Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen come Sunday, there are times where Ponder can hurt opponents — mainly when he’s under pressure. We’re not talking about defensive linemen in his face, but instead, when the game is on the line or when he’s forced into a comeback situation.

There’s no disputing his numbers from 2012. For example, when he had the lead, Ponder’s QB rating was 71.6 and his touchdown-to-interception ratio was 1.0. When his team was trailing? His rating went up to 81.7, and his TD-to-INT ratio was 1.63. When the score was tied, his QB rating spiked to 115.9 and threw 4 TDs without an interception.

And by looking at the accompanying graphic, his numbers generally get better as the game goes on.

So it’s best the Bears try to take care of business early and hope the game isn’t tied in the fourth quarter.[iframe src=”//″ width=”320″ height=”765″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″]