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Gil Hamm: First casts

COOK, Minn.–Notes from arriving to fish the Gil Hamm Memorial Chapter Challunge on Lake Vermilion, beginning with the drive.

Steve Statland and I made it here very smoothly and quickly. We left at 3 a.m. and made it by 1 p.m. with a couple stops.

I loved the conversation, and the shop in Superior, Wis. selling lobster tails, wild rice and fireworks.

Once at Spring Bay Resort, just a beautiful lakeside cabin for six of us, we kicked back and unpacked, then fished for a few hours ahead of the rain. We did not raise any fish, but the water looked lovely.

Others raised a few muskie. Frank Loye boated a 37-incher and said they raised a much bigger one. I am excited for tomorrow.

The Gil Hamm runs Wednesday through Friday. Chicagoland Muskie Hunters chapter of Muskies Inc. is the host, because they won last year.

I am part of the Grumpy Old Men team, one of five six-man teams from CMH.

Lots of loons and eagles. The fish will come, as surely as the moon will be full next week.