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An event where zipline operators mingle with "slum lords"

More than 100 professionals from a variety of industries crowded the sweltering III Forks steakhouse rooftop terrace to schmooze and exchange business cards over drinks and hors d’oeuvres at an Around Chicago Live networking event.

The agenda was up for interpretation, as job seekers, job providers, out-of-town sales reps and local small business owners mingled indiscriminately at the invitation of Around Chicago founder Nicole Price, who beckons professionals to get out and make friends at events she hosts several times a year.

On Sept. 10, lawyers chatted up events planners, hairdressers bumped elbows with zipline operators, landlords presenting themselves as “slum lords” haunted the bar and competing radio personalities drank to the downsizing of the industry as they’ve known it for years.