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Mouthing off: Our favorite quotes from Bears-Vikings

A look at some of the best quotes from today’s 31-30 Bears win against the Minnesota Vikings:

“He’s so cool. I wish I was as cool as Jay Cutler. I was all fired up and Jay was just like his heart was going two beats a minute like nothing is going on.”

— Bears guard Kyle Long

“Adrian (Peterson) is one of the best players in the league, if not the best player. We understand we’re going to put hte ball in his hands, and he’ll make a play. I guarantee that the majority of the time, he’s going to get in there.”

— Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, on his running back being stuffed on Third-and-Goal from the 4-yard line with about three minutes left.

“Four turnovers is still too much for this offense, especially three on me. A lot to clean up, (but) we’re grateful for the win. We just have to get better.”

— Cutler

“He’s just ice cold, man.”

— Bears wideout Brandon Marshall, on Cutler

“Really excited about seeing Devin Hester today run and return. He was a big factor in the game, not only when he had his hands on the ball, but he was also a factor in the game when they didn’t want to kick with him because we had field position.”

— Bears coach Marc Trestman, on his kick returner