1 No evidence

As a woman sat dead from a bullet from a Chicago police sergeant’s gun, the sergeant washed his hands before officers could run a test to determine whether he had fired the weapon, records obtained by the Sun-Times show. [Sun-Times]

2 Zipments gets local cash

Chicago Ventures has made its first startup investment, in New York-based Zipments, which promises to deliver virtually anything on the day you order it. [Grid]

3 Next Fed chief: Not Summers

In a surprise, Larry Summers didn’t want to be Federal Reserve chairman — or at least didn’t want to endure confirmation hearings in which pesky Senators questioned his Wall Street ties and alleged boorish behavior. [WSJ]

4 A tale of two city blocks

To quell gang violence in the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, the Chicago police have deployed a “wraparound strategy,” launching undercover drug stings and flooding the zone with cops. In the area around 19th and Troy, it’s worked like a charm. But at 79th and Bennett, bad guys still rule the night. The Sun-Times digs in. [Sun-Times]

5 Remodeling in Springfield

Illinois taxpayers are on the hook for $500,000 worth of new furniture for state legislators. We’ll be paying for it through 2030 and beyond. [Sun-Times]

6 Ethanol follies

Congress created ethanol credits to boost clean-fuel production and farm profits, but guess who’s reaping the biggest windfall? Wall Street banks, according to a New York Times investigation. [NYT]

7 Gmail segregation

The new tabbed inboxes in Google’s Gmail have businesses, especially those like Groupon that are email-dependent, squirming. [NYT]

8 Desk job

Oak Park native Cecily Strong will ascend to the anchor desk on “Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update. [Variety]

The Latest
The 86-year-old pope doesn’t have COVID-19, a spokesman said in a statement late Wednesday.
The spray version of naloxone will be available for sale by late summer. Experts praised the move to make it more accessible as the national opioid crisis continues. But they are concerned the drug could be too expensive without a prescription.
Chef de cuisine Damarr Brown of Hyde Park’s Virtue Restaurant & Bar, is among the nominees in the category of emerging chef.
Who could be optimistic that lawmakers will make any significant changes to our gun laws, even changes a majority of Americans want?