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1 No evidence

As a woman sat dead from a bullet from a Chicago police sergeant’s gun, the sergeant washed his hands before officers could run a test to determine whether he had fired the weapon, records obtained by the Sun-Times show. [Sun-Times]

2 Zipments gets local cash

Chicago Ventures has made its first startup investment, in New York-based Zipments, which promises to deliver virtually anything on the day you order it. [Grid]

3 Next Fed chief: Not Summers

In a surprise, Larry Summers didn’t want to be Federal Reserve chairman — or at least didn’t want to endure confirmation hearings in which pesky Senators questioned his Wall Street ties and alleged boorish behavior. [WSJ]

4 A tale of two city blocks

To quell gang violence in the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, the Chicago police have deployed a “wraparound strategy,” launching undercover drug stings and flooding the zone with cops. In the area around 19th and Troy, it’s worked like a charm. But at 79th and Bennett, bad guys still rule the night. The Sun-Times digs in. [Sun-Times]

5 Remodeling in Springfield

Illinois taxpayers are on the hook for $500,000 worth of new furniture for state legislators. We’ll be paying for it through 2030 and beyond. [Sun-Times]

6 Ethanol follies

Congress created ethanol credits to boost clean-fuel production and farm profits, but guess who’s reaping the biggest windfall? Wall Street banks, according to a New York Times investigation. [NYT]

7 Gmail segregation

The new tabbed inboxes in Google’s Gmail have businesses, especially those like Groupon that are email-dependent, squirming. [NYT]

8 Desk job

Oak Park native Cecily Strong will ascend to the anchor desk on “Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update. [Variety]